Doing the right things, the right way

Entering overseas markets can be a daunting prospect, potentially dealing with different languages and cultural challenges.

But international business itself can feel like a foreign language – exchange hedges, Free On Board, Bills Of Lading. To the inexperienced exporter it can be time-consuming and troublesome to get things in order for success.

Export-Pro have been dealing with these problems for decades. Different markets, different products and a variety of trading relationships. Whatever your situation you can be assured that we have dealt with similar.

Make use of that experience to ease your path through the tricky world of international business.

Get It There

Select the right shipping methods & perfect packaging to get your goods to buyers

Successful Shipping

Ensure your goods arrive. In a perfect condition, without the headaches that can arise passing customs in different jurisdictions around the world.

Avoid Costly Hiccups

Be prepared and stay on top of all aspects of your export business administration

Don't Let Documents Delay You

Ensure you have the correct documentation for your transactions. We will check compliance to avoid unnecessary and costly hold-ups. Avoid the frustration and expenses that come from errors and omissions.

Protecting Your Profits

Make the right choices and get the fundamentals right for success

Building The Bottom Line

Export-Pro will help you take the right steps to get the most from each transaction. Translate your efforts into profits with our experience.

What you gain

Select a service option that will deliver the appropriate level of support for your business.

Get the assistance you need to ensure your deals run as smoothly as possible. Gain maximum reward for your hard work by avoiding unnecessary delays and expenses.

Why Choose Us

      • Proven track record across the years
      • Knowledge of many aspects of export business
      • Multi-lingual approach to be able to deal with all documentation
      • Local knowledge and contacts
      • The ability to match the right solution to your particular requirements

What Clients Say

I have worked with Rudi Luft for many years and his know how and experience was very valuable to me.
Miomir Ilic • Managing Director, Bel Tec d.o.o. • Serbia